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LHP generic medication outreach


Last year, Legacy Health Partners sent out listings to providers of patients who were currently taking brand name medications who might be able to be switched to generics. The analytics team went back to look at the effect of this outreach.

The data shows that seven patients successfully switched from brand names to generics. While the absolute number of patients was relatively low, the cumulative savings impact of even this small group was more than $27,000.

From the first round of outreach, we also learned that providers often prescribed the generic, but the patient was switched at the pharmacy due to availability, or by request. Providers gave a lot of positive feedback about these letters as it gave them access to information not otherwise attainable.

Given the notable impact of a handful of switches, we have decided to reach out again to let providers know which patients might be able to switch to a generic medication. Often, a patient’s out-of-pocket expenses can be reduced by switching to generics. While we recognize that not every patient is willing or able to make the change, even a few can make a significant difference and help us meet our cost of care goals.

If you have patients who could benefit from a switch, you may receive a letter through your field operations advisor. Please evaluate the possibility of making that switch, and your FOA can help with any questions you may have.


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