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Quality Corner: Improvement strategies for well-child visits

Well-child visits provide an opportunity for providers to influence health and development and they are a critical opportunity for screening. The timing of well-child visits depends on age but the most current guidelines may not be well-known or there can be confusion about when and how often well-child visits are recommended. For the recommended schedule for well-child visits and to learn about strategies LHP practices are using to get children in for recommended visits, read the whole story.

Need help identifying improvement opportunities?

The LHP Reporting Suite is a valuable tool that provides access to dashboards, reports and other helpful resources to help you identify areas where you could improve performance before the end of the year. Refer to the tip sheets on the LHP Team Site to learn how to access the LHP Reporting Suite and view performance on LHP’s Clinical Integration measures. If you have trouble logging in, call the Legacy IS Service Desk at 503-415-5888 (Oregon) or 360-487-5888 (Washington).

Required attestation for practice membership requirements due Aug. 30 

Practice administrators, remember to complete attestation through the link on your LHP Dashboard by August 30 to attest to the practice membership requirements on behalf of your practice.

  • All practices must have a Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) implemented by the end of 2019.
  • Primary care practices must be certified as a Medical Home Tier 3 or higher by Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Home or be certified as an NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home by December 31, 2019.


If you have questions about the practice membership requirements, talk with your field operations adviser. 

New LHP member directory available through PowerBI

To help support referring patients within LHP, a new version of the LHP Provider Directory is available in LHP’s Reporting Suite in PowerBI. This new version is designed to give you access to information about network providers in a searchable, easy-to-use format within the same program that you can use to monitor performance data throughout the year. The previous version of the directory that was published on the LHP team site will no longer be available.

We know that the address information in the member directory will need some continued revisions. If you spot corrections that need to be made to addresses or any other information in the directory, please have your administrator pass those along to your field operations adviser.

Final versions of clinical collaboration guides available

The LHP Clinical Collaboration Guides for Vertigo Evaluation and Atrial Fibrillation are now finalized and available on the LHP Team Site here. Utilize these and the other clinical collaboration guides that are available as resources to establish consistent, cost-effective care throughout the LHP network.

Refreshed Universal Protocol rolling out

To align with national best practices, Legacy has refreshed its Universal Protocol procedure (formerly “Red Rules”). That means we make sure we have the right patient, the right site and the right procedure — every time. We also have a new procedural safety checklist to guide your work for procedures that are performed in any Legacy facility that require informed consent. Go live is Wednesday, Aug. 14. A self-learning module (SLM) and video are available in E+. Allow about 10-15 minutes to review both before the roll-out.