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Quality Corner: Performance trends and improvement opportunities

While monitoring clinical integration program performance and evaluating trends, Legacy Health Partners has identified certain measures on which our performance is lagging compared to this time last year. Those performance measures are identified below. Consider which measures are applicable to your specialty and review the suggested steps you can take to contribute to improving performance in the last four months of the year.

  • ED visits per 1000: For primary care, review the LHP Cost and Use Dashboard to identify your LHP patients who may be frequent utilizers of the emergency department. You can also use the LHP ED and Urgent Care Utilization Patterns Report to see which ED or urgent care facility those patients are using. In addition, LHP is developing tools and resources to help educate patients about when to utilize the ED and when primary care or urgent care visits are more appropriate, so stay tuned!


  • High-tech imaging per 1000: Refer to LHP’s clinical collaboration guides on the LHP team site for recommendations for imaging and to establish consistent, cost-effective care throughout the LHP network. You may also use imaging decision support tools that may be available in your EHR technology.


  • Colorectal cancer screening: Review the member lists on the “Opportunities” tab of your dashboard to identify LHP patients with care gaps then schedule visits and refer for screenings. Be sure to report any screenings that were completed during long lookback periods that may not be captured by the medical claims that LHP receives by submitting supplemental data to LHP. Also, fecal immunochemical testing (FIT) is a good alternative to consider for patients unable or unwilling to get a colonoscopy.


  • Well-child visits for children who turn 15 months: Review the member lists on the “Opportunities” tab of your dashboard to identify care gaps then use effective patient reminder and recall methods such as phone calls directly from the medical assistant of the patient’s PCP. Refer to LHP’s August Quality Corner for guidelines, resources and improvement strategies for well-child visits.

LHP is also working with specific practices that may be performing lower than their peers. LHP’s field operations advisers are here to help these practices by recommending resources and evidence-based best practices, connecting practices to others in the network that are experiencing success in these areas and helping practices identify specific opportunities where they make improvements before the end of the year.

 In addition to working with your field operations adviser, be sure to take advantage of the data available to you in the reports, dashboards and tools in the LHP Reporting Suite.

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