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EMR data strategy approved

December 2015

Integration of electronic medical records (EMRs) is vital to LHP’s ability to support future performance measures and scorecards that will give providers better, more meaningful information than is currently available through payer scorecards. The Data and Systems Committee recommended and the LHP Board approved a strategy that allows LHP to pull data relevant to clinical integration from a majority of LHP primary care providers over the next few years. Practices with more providers will be prioritized.

LHP will begin connecting with PCP practices that are on:

  • Epic
  • NextGen
  • GE Centricity
  • Greenway
  • eClinicalWorks

In addition, the strategy includes pulling data from Wellcentive, a hub that will allow LHP to connect to multiple pediatric care sites with a single connection.

Currently, LHP’s performance measures are based mostly on data received from medical and pharmacy claims information. Some measures are based on clinical information that can be retrieved from Legacy’s EMR, Epic, in the inpatient setting. In order to build more robust and meaningful clinical integration performance measures, Legacy’s Epic system needs to connect with EMRs at independent LHP sites that are not already using Legacy-hosted Epic or LEAP – Legacy Epic for Affiliated Providers. (If you are interested in learning more about LEAP, contact Nancy Hay at 503-415-5024.)

Currently, there are 41 EMRs in use across LHP membership. This posed a challenge for determining the best strategy for connecting with each site to retrieve data. The benefit of direct connection is that these practices will not need to submit manual information related to the clinical integration performance measures. Careful analysis was done to understand the EMR landscape within LHP and find a way to capture the most LHP patient information as possible from the greatest number of providers. LHP and Legacy Health Information Services staff reviewed the ability of different EMRs to send discrete/desired data, the level of complexity and estimated time needed to integrate, and each EMR vendors’ previous integration experience.

Connection strategy covers 88% of PCPs
LHP determined that focusing our data extraction efforts on Epic, NextGen, GE Centricity, Greenway, eClinicalWorks plus Wellcentive would represent 77 LHP practices (45%) and 1,895 LHP providers (86%). These methods also cover 35 LHP primary care practices (61% of PCP sites) and 474 LHP primary care providers (88% of LHP PCPs). Wellcentive was added to the EMR data strategy because it provides a unique opportunity to obtain data from all practices that are part of the Children’s Health Alliance’s Health Information Exchange.

What’s next?
LHP will begin to contact primary care clinics that are on the prioritized EMRs in early 2016 to start discussions. It likely will take more than a year to connect with the prioritized EMRs. Once PCP connections are largely complete for the select EMRs, LHP will begin exploring a similar strategy that prioritizes select specialties.

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