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February 2016

Field advisers soon to make “house calls” to your practice

The four LHP field operations advisers recently hired will start making “house calls” to your practice starting early spring. You will have a designated adviser to be your in-clinic resource for:

  • accessing and using the new dashboard, which will replace the monthly scorecards you’ve been receiving
  • information about Legacy’s care support resources program
  • details about the EMR integration strategy
  • strategies for improving performance on the 2016 clinical integration measures
  • communicating your input and ideas to LHP leadership and staff

We’ll send you more information and introduce you to the advisers soon.

Extra help for your sickest patients - care support resources update

Legacy's care support resources (see story in the January newsletter) concluded a pilot with five Legacy Medical Group (LMG) clinics at the end of December and services are now being rolled out to all of LMG. The LHP pilot will begin next month.

Those practices who are not yet “live” with care support resources have been receiving support from the care team in the form of telephonic management of their Legacy Employee Health Plan patients who stratify into the program.

Care support resources will be available to all LHP providers starting this summer. You’ll get more information soon from your field operations advisor. Legacy Health staff also will be reaching out to clinic managers to share information and hear ideas for improving the program.

Meet Heidi Mahoney

Heidi Mahoney, part of the Legacy team since 2012, recently took on a new role: directing LHP’s field operations, which includes four advisors to support LHP members’ participation in the clinically integrated network. In her new position, Heidi will continue oversight of Legacy’s population health management program, an integral part of LHP’s mission to deliver value and improve health.

Heidi’s background includes strategic planning at Providence Health & Services where she developed strategic plans, facilitated planning process with department leaders across the organization, and played a key role in the Willamette Falls merger due diligence project. She went on to oversee pediatric outreach and telehealth for Randall Children’s Hospital. She directed the development and implementation of programs throughout the local and regional community and created and executed the annual strategic plan for women’s and children’s outreach and telehealth programs.

This past year Heidi has directed the overall management, design and implementation of Legacy Health’s population health management program. You can reach Heidi at 503-415-5658 or hmahoney@lhs.org.

LHP Committee Updates

In January all three LHP committees reviewed 2015 progress and accomplishments and looked ahead to this year's priorities. The Quality and Membership Committee also viewed a demo of the 2016 LHP dashboard and attestation form, and the Finance and Contracting Committee received a comprehensive overview of the “total cost of care” and the future shift in reimbursement models.

In February each committee will receive an introduction to care support resources. Also in February, Data and Systems will continue to discuss and provide input into LHP's EMR integration strategy; Quality and Membership will begin reviewing baseline data and setting performance targets for the 2016 measure set; and Finance and Contracting will get a demo of the 2016 dashboard and attestation form and get an update on contracts.

Please take the survey

Your feedback to Legacy is important. Please take 10 minutes to complete the medical staff survey – you received an email with the link earlier this week. Your input helps Legacy improve services and develop more effective provider communications. For any survey-related questions, send an email to legacypulsesurvey@lhs.org.

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