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March 2016

Meet your field operations advisers

Do you have questions about Legacy Health Partners, clinical integration, population health management, this year’s performance measures or data integration?

Help is on its way. Beginning this month, LHP field operations advisers will begin reaching out to primary care practices to offer assistance. 

Your dedicated field operations adviser is your strategic partner, committed to your success with LHP:

  • Your resource for consulting and troubleshooting
  • Help identifying performance improvement strategies
  • Answer questions about performance measures and data integration
  • Explain how to interpret and use your scorecard
  • Take feedback and input and work to resolve issues
Kelleen Bernard is the adviser for the southeast I-205 corridor.
John Fallgren will cover practices in west Portland.
Anne Percival is the adviser for east Portland clinics.
Lindsey Wright will cover Washington.
Click here to meet the entire team.

Specialty specific performance measures

New this year: performance measures that apply specifically to pediatrics, OB/GYN, family medicine, internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, surgical medicine, emergency medicine and hospitalists. Become familiar with all of the quality measures and focus on the ones you are in the best position to improve. The 2016 clinical integration performance measures are listed in the Fast Facts posted on the LHP website.

RSVP for clinical integration education

The clinical integration education module is one of this year’s provider and practice measures. Complete it early so you can start making an impact. Attend an in-person session scheduled March-September (online version coming soon). You’ll learn how to:

  • Benefit from the growth of the clinically integrated network
  • Impact the 2016 clinical integration performance measures
  • Access and use the new dashboard
  • Consult with field operations advisers
  • Benefit from care support resources

As a provider, you’ll also earn 2 points toward your clinical integration score; practice administrators will earn 1 point for each member in their practice if the education is completed by June 30. RSVP today.

Dashboard goes live Monday, March 7

The new clinical integration dashboard will go live on March 7 for full LHP member providers and dashboard administrators. Developed with significant provider input, the dashboard got a big thumbs-up from the LHP committees and board.

Your dashboard is where you will:

  • Monitor the network’s performance
  • Identify patients that need specific care gaps closed
  • Attest to measures that require attestation (education modules, EHR adoption, medical home status)
  • Find helpful tools and resources

It will take LHP a few months to have data flowing to all of the approved measures, but in the meantime, data is still being captured in the background and will display as soon as rigorous testing and validation of each measure is complete. Read the rest of the story.

Dr Riyad FaresGeneric prescribing – An ever-changing landscape

Riyad Fares, MD, LHP medical director

Physicians often have many choices when it comes to prescribing medications to treat basic conditions. Nearly 70% of Americans are taking at least one prescription drug and more than half take two, according to Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center. Twenty percent of Americans use at least five prescription medications.

Generic medication prescribing remains one of the key strategies to delivering high value and quality care to our patients. Legacy Health Partners will be tracking generic medication prescriptions as a clinical integration measure, which is applicable to all providers and specialties. Through the analysis of claims data, select medications including antihyperlipidemics (statins), antihypertensives (beta-blockers, ACEi, ARB, calcium channel blockers) and mental health medications (antidepressants and antipsychotics) will be monitored and reported back to providers at a network level.

Market factors create waste, drive costs upward

As prescribers, we should be familiar with those market factors that may be affecting the compliance of our patients and creating waste for the system. Rapidly shifting dynamics in the pharmaceutical marketplace are creating strain on the delivery of care. 

Read the rest of the article.

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