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May 2016

Merrin PermutWhat would Darwin say about contracting and health care?

By Merrin Permut, LHP Executive Director

During a press conference to announce that Nokia was being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop ended his speech saying, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost.”

Nokia had been a respectable company. They didn’t necessarily do anything wrong in their business – no major scandals to mention, no major motion picture biopic focused on an eccentric CEO. However, the world changed and Nokia’s competitors responded differently to that change than they did.

What did Nokia miss? Nokia missed out on learning, they missed out on changing, and thus they missed their opportunity to evolve. Not only did they miss the opportunity to grow, they lost their chance at survival.

Adaptation, crucial in nature, is equally important in our field. If we are not willing to change, we will soon find our current way of operating irrelevant. LHP is working to ensure that does not happen.

Within LHP, we find ourselves with a foot in two boats. Payors and employers in the Portland and Southwest Washington areas are looking for alternative product offerings and value-based payment models, but there is still a significant market for traditional models and broad networks. Given these market conditions, LHP is taking a two-pronged approach to contracting. This approach involves broad network shared savings arrangements and narrow network products. Read the rest of the story.

2016 performance measure baselines and targets

The baselines and targets for all 2016 performance measures are now available for your review – see the Fast Facts on the LHP website. Over two meetings, the LHP Quality and Membership Committee reviewed and recommended the targets for board approval; the LHP Board approved them at its May 3 meeting. The measures and targets reflect LHP’s commitment to performance improvement in the long-term and incremental improvement that acknowledges current data collection limitations. There are areas of opportunity across some of the measures, such as cancer screenings, reflected by improvement targets, as well as maintenance targets for measures where LHP’s baseline performance was high and/or meets external benchmarks.

Remember to attest

We’re noticing that more members have completed the CI education than have attested. You MUST attest on your dashboard to receive credit for completing the education modules and other measures that require attestation (EHR adoption, OB Team STEPPS training and Medical Home Status). Don’t miss out on this easy opportunity to learn more and earn points on your scorecard. Attend an in-person session and ask questions. Or, complete it online through E+.

Coming soon to your dashboard: data for all measures

On May 16, data for ALL of this year’s performance measures will be flowing to the LHP Dashboard. If you’re having any problems logging in or accessing your dashboard, review the tip sheets (Locating Legacy Epic Hyperspace on your PC and Downloading Citrix Receiver.) If you continue to have problems, contact your Field Operations Adviser or Kristin Gilmer, Member Relations Coordinator.

You asked...

Q. Where’s my incentive check for the 2015 CI pilot?
A. LHP is in the final stages of compiling claims data and running reports to close out the Legacy Employee Health Plan pilot project. Very soon we’ll be able to tell each practice how the network performed, how their practice and providers did on applicable measures, and the amount of any earned incentive check. Packets (and checks, if an incentive was earned) will be mailed by the end of May.

Q. When will all the education modules for the 2016 program be ready?
A. They will be released by the end of June. LHP wants to release all five education modules at the same time to give providers choice. Providers can earn one point on their scorecard by completing one of five modules by December 31, 2016.

MACRA - What does it mean to you?

Many of you have been asking us about MACRA. Here’s some information to jump-start your understanding about what it is and what it could mean to you and your practice.

In April 2015, the U.S. Senate averted a 21.2% reduction in Medicare payments to physicians and passed the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). The legislation permanently repealed the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) payment adjustment mechanism to the Medicare physician fee schedule and replaced it with a system – to be implemented in 2019 – in which physicians will elect to remain in fee-for-service subject to a new value-based regime (MIPS), or transition their practice toward risk-based models (Alternative Payment Models, or APMs). Read the rest of the story.

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