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Care support resources and beyond

“This program is great. I feel better already and am confident that I’m going to have even more improvements. I feel like I’m actually having a conversation with somebody who cares.”

This patient is benefiting from care support resources (CSR), an extra layer of support that Legacy made available to LHP providers and their Legacy Employee Health Plan (LEHP) patients earlier this year (see previous newsletter story). The full array of CSR services was rolled out first to Legacy Medical Group. LEHP patients being seen by LHP private practice providers are receiving telephonic support for now. A large primary care private practice is currently piloting the full program and is giving input that will help improve the program even further. As LHP begins to manage more lives through the addition of other payor contracts, we will roll this out to other LHP private practices.

The first patients have graduated from care support resources. For these graduated patients – as well as for other LEHP enrollees and their family members who did not stratify into the program, but who could still use some additional support – Legacy is offering a service called Good Health Resources. This service is designed to provide a lighter touch for people whose conditions can be managed well with health education and community resources.

LEHP patients who might benefit from this voluntary program receive letters inviting them to participate. Currently, 250 people are receiving services. Participation in Good Health Resources qualifies the patient for enhanced medical and prescription drug plan benefit coverage. We want LHP providers to have this information in case any of your LEHP patients ask you about it. If you’d like to know more, contact Legacy care support resources at 503-415-5557 or

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