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2015 pilot wrap-up

Every provider and practice that participated in the 2015 clinical integration pilot project can take pride in the overall performance of the network, which met its goals on 10 out of 14 measures. Many practices also did an outstanding job fulfilling the provider and practice measures. The network has grown a lot in recent months, from 1,600 members last year to over 2,400 today.

By now, many of the practices that participated in the pilot have received letters and reports showing how their practice and providers performed. To keep everyone in the loop, here’s a summary of the pilot results.

Pilot participation (practices/providers signed up with LHP in time to participate)

  • 181 practices participated in the pilot
  • 1,600 providers participated in the pilot

Provider/practice measure performance

  • New member orientation completion by full LHP member – 90%
  • New member orientation completion by practice administrators – 71%
  • Flu shot completion rate – 87%
  • Payor/Access Survey completion rate – 60%
  • EHR adoption completion rate – 57%

Network measure performance

  • Met or exceeded performance targets on 10 out of 14 measures (and, we just missed meeting the diabetic eye exam target by 1 percentage point)

Funds available/awarded/rolled over

  • Funds available for 2015 network performance – $1,260,000
  • Funds earned and distributed to eligible practices – $1,073,657
  • Funds unearned and rolled over to 2016 – $726,343

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