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September 2016

Mid-year look at performance

Legacy Health Partners currently is meeting performance targets for ten of our clinical integration performance measures and not meeting targets for 13 measures. The lag in claims data poses a challenge for knowing how we are really performing on some measures. We expect performance to increase over the next several months as additional claims data rolls in, but we encourage you to review your LHP dashboard and focus on those measures that you can impact. (See next story for how you can improve your score on the cancer screening measures.)

One measure that we are closely watching is completion of the utilization discharge readiness checklist. We are currently performing about 35% below target on this measure. We’ve discovered that completion of the checklist for commercial payor populations is much lower than completion for Medicare patients (approximately 87%) and Legacy’s overall completion rate (approximately 50%). We expect that the checklist will be updated soon, so we will monitor how this impacts our measure and what adjustments we may want to consider for 2017. Inpatient providers can help improve LHP’s performance by encouraging appropriate completion of the checklist.

The LHP Dashboard reflects current performance for the inpatient measures populated by Epic data and claims paid through the end of July for measures populated by UMR medical and MedImpact pharmacy claims data.

Want to improve your scores on cancer screening measures?

Currently, the LHP Network is not meeting the breast, cervical or colorectal cancer screening performance targets for the 2016 measurement year. Because these measures have associated lookback periods of between two and ten years, the claims data LHP receives to report on these measures is incomplete. 

LHP knows that PCPs capture information about patient cancer screening dates in their home EMRs, so we developed a voluntary process to help you – and the LHP network – get credit for those screenings. In mid-September, providers or their practice administrators will be able to submit data in a spreadsheet for any Legacy Employee Health Plan (LEHP) patients who had the relevant cancer screenings in the appropriate timeframe as indicated for each type of screening.

In mid-September, primary care providers and their practice administrators will receive a spreadsheet as well as instructions for completing this voluntary process. LHP staff will then manually input this information into our record to more-accurately capture the network’s performance for cancer screening. Thank you in advance for your work to provide this information so we can more accurately report our performance.

Incentive design methodology preview

Mark Buchholz M.D., MBA
Chair, Finance and Contracting Committ

Clinically integrated networks (CINs) strive to improve quality and decrease costs. Reaching these goals requires more work and time from providers. Legacy Health Partners appreciates the commitment of time and effort from all its members – it is absolutely fundamental to our collective success. Due to your efforts, LHP is are able to demonstrate a direct impact on quality, efficiency and better patient health, which positions us to contract for shared savings arrangements and clinical integration funds. 

You’ll soon be receiving a copy of the 2016 Pay for Value document, which provides specifics about this year’s clinical integration incentive design methodology. In the meantime, here’s some background to help you understand our approach. Read the whole story.

September 30 deadline for CI education

Sept. 30 is the deadline for completing the 2016 Clinical Integration education module to earn points on your dashboard and be eligible for any incentive payout. If you’ve already completed the education – and most LHP providers have – you’re all set! LHP full members and practice administrators who complete the education between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2016 will earn 1 point and .5 points, respectively. Most importantly, completing the education by Sept. 30 is a requirement to be eligible for ANY earned incentive payout for the 2016 CI program. Access the CI education through E+ or attend one of the three remaining in-person sessions this month.

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