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Health Information Exchange Opportunity for LHP Providers: Carequality

The success of the Legacy Health Partners (LHP) network is driven by our ability as providers to work as a team. This teamwork can be achieved through good connectivity of the relevant information on each of our patients as we provide care for them. Connecting our electronic medical records (EMRs) via a Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a critical step in this process.

LHP is pleased to announce that Legacy is connected to Carequality, an HIE that supports nationwide connectivity. Carequality can help LHP achieve its connectivity goals by providing a bi-directional exchange of information. Financial subsidies are available if a practice meets certain criteria.

When sites connect to Carequality, providers will receive clinical information for their patients if they have been seen at another Carequality-connected site and their data will be included in LHP quality measures. This will reduce the need for providers to submit manual documentation in the future to support LHP measures.

(Note: While Carequality offers many benefits, becoming a LEAP partner is a complete EHR solution. Legacy Epic for Affiliated Providers (LEAP) puts rich data at providers' fingertips and is still the best way to share information with LHP.)

What is Carequality?
Carequality is an HIE that builds on data exchange relationships and agreements you may already have in place. Carequality connects their Implementers, which may be EHR vendors, HIEs, payors and other types of organizations. When you connect to Carequality, you receive the benefit and richness of data from all of the organizations also connected.

Carequality has technical standards in place that all of their Implementers have agreed to abide by. This makes sending and receiving data easier between all participants. 

Carequality currently does not charge for practices to connect and exchange data. However, your EMR vendor may charge for setting up the connection. Some vendors are waiving fees all together.

Ready to connect?
Talk to your EMR vendor and let them know you want to connect your site to Carequality. Check the list below to see if you meet LHP’s Financial Subsidy criteria; LHP may be able to help with your site’s or sites’ set-up costs. 

Financial subsidy criteria
LHP is offering financial assistance to set up a connection to Carequality if a practice meets the following criteria:

  • Current EMR vendor is eClinicalWorks, GE Centricity, Greenway, or NextGen. (These EMRs cover over 80% of our Primary Care Providers in the network and were selected by the LHP Data and Systems Committee. If you aren’t on one of these EMRs, you can still inquire about connecting to Carequality with your vendor to begin exchanging information.)
  • Practice specialty is Internal Medicine, Family Medicine or Pediatric Primary Care Medicine.
  • LHP will cover the cost the practice’s EMR vendor charges to connect to Carequality, not to exceed $5,000. Some vendors set up the connection at no cost at all.

Start the process

Contact your EMR vendor to start the process. Once they are ready to build the connection, contact Legacy Health Partners to discuss the financial subsidy and next steps.

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