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December 2016

Robert Bentley MDReflections and thanks from LHP's first board chair

Robert Bentley, M.D.

It’s now been a little more than two years since I joined the Legacy Health Partners Board, and soon I will complete my two-year term as chair. I think I can speak for all board members by saying it’s been a rapid learning curve! During this time LHP has accomplished much: we’ve chartered and constituted board committees, completed the operating agreement, implemented patient care management services, and selected and implemented our initial network quality metrics. We have hired capable field operations associates and a great manager for this program, and organized two helpful provider forums to direct our efforts.

Over the past year we have refined and expanded our quality dashboard and completed two rounds of in-person and online clinical integration education programs. We’ve had great participation from our membership: nearly all of our 2,400 members completed this year’s clinical integration education, and as a result, will qualify for an incentive payout based on performance. Late this year LHP assumed responsibility for population health management by integrating the Population Health Services Committee into our structure.

The successful 2015 pilot with the Legacy Employee Health Plan provided a solid foundation for the development of our 2016 clinical integration program, positioning us to negotiate commercial contracts with both local and national insurers. We currently are working with PacificSource Health Plans to offer a Medicare Advantage plan for the upcoming 2018 enrollment period. We are closer to data integration as we begin to work with Carequality to provide a way for our members’ various electronic health records systems to interface with Epic for data acquisition and analysis.

Big thanks for work well done

None of this could have been accomplished without the dedicated work of our board, the board committees and the excellent leadership provided by our administrative team. I want to personally thank Merrin Permut, our executive director, who has been exceptionally capable organizing massive detail, performing outreach and involving herself in every aspect of our organization to make it successful.  Staff Heidi Mahoney, Jennifer Robinson, Lynnae Doumani, Scott Williams, Jan O’Dell, Kristin Gilmer, Amanda Judisch, Lauren Tacke and Autumn Trimm have all exceeded my expectations with expert analysis, assistance and communications. I also want to recognize Riyad Fares, M.D., our first medical director. He had the difficult task of combining LHP administrative activities with his busy clinical practice, and helped us greatly both with physician relations and in organizing his position for the future as he steps back into full-time clinical work. Finally, I have been blessed with excellent advice from the committee chairs, my vice-chair Peter T. Beatty, M.D., and our Advocate Physician Partners consultants who have kept us on track with their intelligent counsel.

Continuing my role with LHP and now with PacificSource

While I will leave my chairmanship in the capable hands of Dr. Peter T. Beatty, I am pleased to continue as an LHP board member. With my recent appointment as a Legacy representative to the PacificSource Health Plan board, I hope to help bridge a smooth unification between Legacy, PacificSource and LHP in the coming years. PacificSource is very excited with our partnership and we at LHP look forward to working closely with an insurance organization to enhance care quality and lower costs while striving for better patient health and wellbeing. It has been a great pleasure to be involved with LHP, and I am looking forward to further success in the future.

New MACRA presentation posted on LHP team site

Access the new LHP team site at https://teamportal.lhs.org/sites1/LHP. JUST POSTED: A deep-dive MACRA presentation (26-minutes), including what your practice should be focusing on now and links to resources. From a Legacy computer, the url will take you directly to the team site. From a non-Legacy computer or personal device (tablet, phone), you’ll be prompted to log-in using your credentials.

Minimum CI score in 2017 will ensure strong network

Membership requirements for 2017 will be the same as 2016 (see LHP website), with the addition of a new requirement that Full Members (physicians and independently practicing Advanced Practice Providers) achieve and maintain a minimum score on the 2017 Clinical Integration Program performance measures. Read the whole story.

2017 performance measures

Read these Fast Facts to learn about the 2017 clinical integration performance measures. Begin to familiarize yourself with each of the quality measures and start to focus on those you are in the best position to improve. In 2017 we’ll provide a handbook with complete information about the measures and network performance targets. Read the whole story.

New member application screening process in 2017

Providers and practices applying for LHP membership in 2017 will be evaluated through a new process. LHP developed a set of “guiding principles” that will help ensure that the LHP network of providers continues to represent and exemplify a strong commitment to collaboration, data exchange and interoperability, quality improvement and LHP’s value-based contracting strategy. Applicants will complete a pre-application to ensure they meet membership requirements, and then submit a full application for committee evaluation and board approval.

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