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2016 performance measures

Read these Fast Facts to learn about the 2017 clinical integration performance measures. Familiarize yourself with each of the quality measures and start to focus on those you are in the best position to improve. In 2017 we’ll provide a handbook with complete information about the measures and network performance targets.

Highlights of the 2017 program

New provider measures

  • Adoption of Spōk (More information about how to sign up for Spōk coming in 2017.)

  • Additional learning module options (7 instead of 5)

New practice measures

  • Access and engagement survey

  • Depression screening

  • Certified Electronic Health Record Technology adoption (modification to our previous EHR adoption measure)

New network measures

  • Referrals for cardiac rehab

  • 24-hour ED and Urgent Care chart completion

  • Surgical site infections

How performance measures were selected and developed

LHP is committed to aligning our measures with other quality programs and initiatives. Our goal is to grow our CI program in a thoughtful way that doesn’t add to providers’ burden of measurement. Development and approval of the 2017 measure set took several months. First, LHP staff solicited input from provider-led groups and reviewed many measures previously considered by the LHP Quality and Membership Committee. The committee reviewed and recommended 2017 measures to the LHP Board, who reviewed and approved them in June and July. Development and approval of operational definitions happened in late summer. Currently, Legacy’s Information Systems and Services team is working on the technical development of the measures.

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