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Minimum CI score in 2017 will ensure strong network

Membership requirements for 2017 will be the same as 2016 (see LHP website), with the addition of a new requirement that Full Members (physicians and independently practicing Advanced Practice Providers) achieve and maintain a minimum score on the 2017 Clinical Integration Program performance measures.

In order to maintain a high-quality clinically integrated network, the LHP Board voted to set a minimum clinical integration score requirement beginning in 2017 for continued membership in the network:
• The 2017 minimum CI score will be set based on 2016 CI Program performance, following the close and full evaluation of the 2016 program this spring
• Providers whose 2017 score did not meet the minimum would move into a probationary period in 2018
• Providers in the probation period will then need to meet the minimum score in 2018 to retain LHP membership status
• The minimum score will be recommended by the LHP Quality and Membership Committee in the spring and sent to the LHP Board for approval and then communicated to the network

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