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Outstanding performance on 2016 provider/practice measures!

While claims data continues to come in and your opportunity to impact 2017 reported performance is over, we do have some numbers to share that highlight the outstanding participation in the provider and practice measures:

  • 1,700 members or 88% completed CI Education
  • 1,569 or 81% completed at least one of the five education modules
  • 141 out of 197 or 72% of eligible practices attested to having an EHR
  • 29 eligible practices attested to achieving Medical Home status
  • 1,944 out of 2,401 total network members were eligible to participate in the 2016 CI Incentive program.

LHP is preparing for final performance reporting and incentive distribution later this spring. We will be releasing preliminary scorecards to practice administrators later this month.

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