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Get a jump on 2017

Here are a few things you can focus on to position your practice for success this year:

  • Bone up on this year’s performance measures. Take a look at the Fast Facts and think about what your practice can do to improve performance on the measures that apply to you. While the network measures will continue to be measured only at the network level this year, our collective ability to demonstrate better patient care depends on everyone doing their part.
  • Have you checked out the LHP team site ( We’ll be updating it regularly with important member-only documents and tools. From a Legacy computer, the url will take you directly to the team site. From a non-Legacy computer or personal device (tablet, phone), you’ll be prompted to log-in using your credentials.
  • Plan to attend one of the Clinical Integration Education sessions that begin mid-March. Check out the schedule and get one on your calendar—it’s a great opportunity to ask questions. The online version of the education will also be launched in March. Stay tuned for details.
  • The 2017 LHP Dashboard will be live later in March. Make sure you know how to log in and access your dashboard now so you're ready to go this spring. There are tips for accessing your dashboard in this LHP newsletter article and LHP team site.
  • Schedule regular check-ins with your Field Operations Adviser through the end of the year. Your FOA is your go-to resource for all things LHP-related!

If you need help with anything mentioned above, contact your LHP Field Operations Adviser, or LHP.

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