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March 2017

Value: What does it mean and how can LHP deliver it

Peter T. Beatty, M.D., Legacy Health Partners Board Chair

We all talk about value, but what does it really mean?

Few health care professionals disagree with the premise underlying value-based care delivery. Keeping people healthy and improving the health of those who have chronic conditions in a cost-effective way is a worthy goal.
But new federal mandates and payor reimbursement models place increasing burden on providers: more reporting requirements, new rules to interpret and heavier demands on their time.

LHP's leadership – the board, committees and staff – is keenly focused on ways to relieve some of that burden. Read the whole column.

2017 Contracting Update

Legacy Health Partners has several shared savings contracts in place for 2017. In addition, LHP has negotiated care coordination per-member per-month (PMPM) payments and clinical integration (CI) funding within a couple of the contracts. If you have not already, you should familiarize yourself with the terms and quality measures for each contract. We’ve posted three new documents on the LHP Team Site. You’ll find the following documents in the folder titled “Contracting” under the “Resources and Tools” heading at the top of the page:

  • An overview of the contracts for 2017
  • A Frequently Asked Questions document to explain key concepts
  • Provider guidance and suggested actions to take to help you be successful within these contracts

By the end of this year, LHP will have roughly 71,000 attributed lives under the contracts in place. This is a testament to the quality of our data and the commitment of LHP’s members to performance improvement.

Broadway Clinic's early experience with Carequality

A few months ago we shared information about Carequality, a national Health Information Exchange (HIE) that is able to help connect and send patient care information between EHR vendors, HIEs, payers and other organizations electronically. There are now 15 LHP practices that have connected to Carequality. When fully operational, these connections will improve data exchange between LHP members and improve the care experience for our patients.

Broadway Clinic in NE Portland is one of the newest practices to go live. Heather Bardfield, R.N., is a new member of the LHP Data & Systems Committee. She led Broadway Clinic’s effort to join Carequality.

“We wanted to improve our population health efforts, like closing care gaps,” said Bardfield. An additional motivation was to be prepared for the alternative care models. “Our practice has been chosen to participate in CPC+, so it’s important for us to be able to share clinical data when and where it’s required. I think it’s important for practices to remain flexible and adaptable to new technologies that support their efforts within the changing health care landscape, particularly reimbursement reform.” Read the whole story.

LHP Dashboard enhancements

The LHP 2017 Dashboard is now live and better than ever. With input received last year from LHP members, we made a number of changes and enhancements to help you more easily navigate and use your dashboard:
  • An attestation box to highlight the attestation form and changes to the form that will help practice administrators better track and manage the progress of their providers
  • Changes that emphasize network-level reporting
  • A goal column next to performance so you can see clearly what you are aiming for
  • Links to helpful videos and guides

When you log in, depending on your practice type, you’ll either see the unique dashboard assigned to your specialty, or the general dashboard. You'll soon be able to use your dashboard to view patient lists (LHP-attributed) and to close care gaps.

You can view a 7-minute demonstration of the new dashboard on the LHP Team Site.

If you have questions about navigating your dashboard, reach out to your Field Operations Adviser, or contact LHP staff at legacyhealthpartners@lhs.org.

Legacy Health Partners Mission: Delivering value and improving health

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