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Peter T BeattyValue: What does it mean and how can LHP deliver it?

Peter T. Beatty, M.D., Legacy Health Partners Board Chair

We all talk about value, but what does it really mean?

Few health care professionals disagree with the premise underlying value-based care delivery. Keeping people healthy and improving the health of those who have chronic conditions in a cost-effective way is a worthy goal.

But new federal mandates and payor reimbursement models place increasing burden on providers: more reporting requirements, new rules to interpret and heavier demands on their time.

LHP’s leadership – the board, committees and staff – is keenly focused on ways to relieve some of that burden. The programs and services we have put in place and those on the drawing board are aimed at supporting LHP providers as they struggle to balance their commitment to excellent patient care with the business aspects of managing their practices.

Strategic framework focused on value

Our commitment to producing value for our members is underscored by our promise to deliver that value in ways that are meaningful and impactful. What does value mean to you? More time in your day? Less time in front of the computer? An extra pair of hands to help with patient care? The assurance that someone is looking out for your interests?

The LHP Board adopted a strategic framework to guide our work in the coming one to three years. The foundation underlying each track of that plan is provider support that results in an increasingly strong and effective network.

The focus areas of our strategic framework are:
  • Demonstrate performance
  • Align incentives
  • Support populations
  • Member engagement

Plan into action

Legacy Health Partners is only as successful as its members. Our strategic framework includes tangible, tailored, high-impact services and resources designed to help providers more efficiently and effectively participate in the network.
Demonstrate value – LHP delivers value to our members by supporting and expanding our clinical integration program. We are also sharpening the membership requirements we feel are necessary for a high-quality network, and enhancing the data feeding the clinical integration program.

Align incentives – LHP supports providers in meeting requirements associated with alternative payment models, including MACRA. In addition, we increase financial opportunity through new contracts and the LHP clinical integration incentive fund.

Support populations – Our Care Support Resources program and Subscription Services offerings, which includes MACRA support and medical home certification, are designed to help providers better care for their patients while also helping them navigate the complexities of alternative payment models.

Member engagement – LHP has created numerous opportunities for providers to learn from experts and collaborate and problem-solve with each other. Provider forums, practice administrator information sessions, videos posted on the team site, and the Field Operations Adviser team – all have been developed in the spirit of delivering real benefit to members.

A learning organization

We are a learning organization. That means we continually look for ways to improve our infrastructure, programs and the data connectivity that will lead to true care coordination and integration.

But above all else, we seek to improve our support of you, the members of LHP.  Certainly, the services and resources available to you are a benefit of membership. But at the end of the day, if we have helped you feel more informed and prepared for the complexities of MACRA, reduced the time you spend in front of your computer, or have given you more time with your family, we will feel we have delivered value of real worth.

If you have suggestions on how we can better deliver value to you and your practice, I invite you to send us an email at

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