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Spōk secure messaging – a technology to improve provider communication

Recently we have received a lot of interest in Spōk Mobile, one of the provider performance measures in the LHP 2017 Clinical Integration program. Spōk Mobile is a secure messaging platform that Legacy-affiliated providers are adopting this year to send and receive HIPAA-secure messaging from their smart phones. LHP providers who enroll in Legacy’s Spōk application can communicate with other LHP members who are also enrolled in Spōk. Having all LHP providers adopt Spōk Mobile provides a single, consistent way for providers to communicate with one another.

Legacy Health Partners will provide more information about Spōk as it is rolled out to each Legacy hospital site throughout the year. LHP providers will receive communication about set-up and utilization of the platform when the hospital site where they hold medical staff privileges implements Spōk. Other LHP independent providers will receive further instructions this fall.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Spōk:

  • Spōk Mobile is free to LHP members. Legacy is purchasing the licenses for LHP members and has updated the Wi-Fi network infrastructure at Legacy hospital locations.
  • If your practice already utilizes another version of Spōk, providers will want to add Legacy’s Spōk to communicate with other LHP providers. Legacy’s version of Spōk is a requirement for meeting the LHP Clinical Integration measure to add points to your clinical integration score. It will be easy to switch between Spōk accounts through a dropdown menu in the application to find the appropriate list of providers you wish to contact.
  • Legacy's Spōk system does not include an answering service. It gives users the ability to contact other Legacy and LHP members to send secure, HIPAA-compliant messages or images without giving out phone numbers.
  • When a message is sent through Spōk, providers will receive an immediate confirmation that the message was received. A separate confirmation is sent when the provider reads the message. When providers receive a message, they can reply back to the sender without using the phone to call them back.
  • Unlike pagers, messages will not be lost when providers are in an area where there is no Wi-Fi signal. Once providers are back on the network, the message will be delivered.
  • Support staff such as nurses or medical assistants can also send secure messages to providers directly from their computer workstation through Smart Web.
  • Once an LHP provider has enrolled in Legacy’s Spōk platform, you can complete question #1 on your attestation form on the LHP Dashboard.

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