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June 2017

2016 Clinical Integration Program close-out

Spoiler alert: The LHP Network, thanks to your efforts, met targets on 16 of the 22 Clinical Integration Program network measures in 2016. You’ll get all the details, including how your practice and providers performed on applicable measures (plus an incentive check for eligible practices) from your Field Operations Advisers (FOAs) when they meet with you this month. Call your FOA if you don’t yet have a meeting on your calendar.

Easy way to add points to your scorecard this year

Completing Clinical Integration (CI) Education by June 30, 2017 is an easy way to add points to your scorecard and potentially increase your practice's incentive payout next year. Fewer than 500 providers out of 2,400 have completed this year’s Clinical Integration Education so far. Read what you need to know.

New service for LHP members participating in MACRA

Legacy is introducing a new MACRA technical support service available to Legacy Health Partners members as part of the Legacy Partner Solutions portfolio (formerly known as Subscription Services). It provides guidance and resources to help practices conduct the annual security risk assessment required as part of the MACRA Advancing Care Information category, as well as prepare for a potential future audit by CMS. Read the whole story.

What are you looking for in a health plan?

LHP, through our relationships with payor partners, may be in a position in the future to be a source of high-quality health plans for private practices. We’re continuing to gather information about what providers are looking for in a health plan for themselves and their families via this survey. Based on the 35 responses received so far, it appears that current copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums vary widely. We’ll continue to gather information and will let you know when we have more to report.

Your input will help shape LHP’s strategic plan

At a Saturday retreat in May, the LHP Board and staff launched the process of creating a comprehensive strategic plan to guide LHP’s development in the next three to five years. The plan will be developed this summer and fall with input from LHP providers, employers and insurers through surveys, in-person meetings, town halls or dinners. Read the whole story.

Quality Corner

Your suggestions will shape 2018 CI Program measures. Legacy Health Partners leadership knows that providers are in the best position to offer guidance on meaningful quality improvement measures for our Clinical Integration (CI) program. Individuals representing a cross-section of PCPs and specialists within the LHP Network and Legacy service line groups sent in 33 suggestions for the 2018 set of measures. In the coming months, the Quality and Membership Committee will work with staff to evaluate and then recommend new measures for consideration by the LHP Board.

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