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Your input will help shape LHP’s strategic plan

At a Saturday retreat in May, the LHP Board and staff launched the process of creating a comprehensive strategic plan to guide LHP’s development in the next three to five years. The plan will be developed this summer and fall with input from LHP providers, employers and insurers through surveys, in-person meetings, town halls or dinners.

As a foundation for its planning, the board learned about Legacy Health’s strategic plan from Trent Green, Sr. Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, President Legacy Medical Group. Trent outlined the range of variables shaping Legacy’s strategic plan including demographics, health care industry workforce changes, trends in physician employment, technology, and positioning with payors and employers. 

Our clinical integration consultants from Advocate Physician Partners presented their organization’s process for developing a strategic plan, stressing that a typical strategic plan has a five-year horizon—long enough to avoid being reactionary or ever-changing, but short enough to be based on known variables.

The retreat participants then brainstormed:
* The key strategic questions they believe need to be answered during the planning process
* Stakeholders that need to be engaged and ideal processes for engagement
* The LHP Board’s role in the planning

A few of the questions the strategic plan should focus on include: Are we the right size/composition? Are we focused on the right markets? How can we distinguish ourselves from competitors? What external factors should we be aware of and how do we deal with those impacts?

Board members were unanimous in their support for a robust outreach effort reaching myriad stakeholders – LHP Network physicians and administrators, Legacy Health leadership, non-LHP health care providers, employers, brokers and insurers.

This summer and fall you can expect to hear more about opportunities to share your thoughts on a strategic plan that will guide the development of long-term objectives that support our vision of delivering value and improving health.


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