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August 2017

Dr Nick Kashey LHP Medical DirectorMessage from Dr. Nick Kashey, LHP medical director

Greetings to the LHP community. Thank you all for such a warm welcome to a new transplant from the east coast! It has been a pleasure to start getting to know you all, and I look forward to continuing to meet everyone involved in the network.

My first few weeks at LHP have been filled with introductions, and learning about the local environment and culture. I have been thoroughly impressed with the engagement of all the providers I have met, and the high level of performance of all the team members involved with LHP.  Read the story here.

Advance your patient care with Legacy Care Support Resources

In the 18 months since Legacy Care Support Resources (CSR) launched, the team has been hard at work, partnering with primary care providers to support over 600 members, helping them forge a path to better health. The results of the program have been impressive. Read the whole story here.

Quality Corner - Consumer marketing campaign aims to boost diabetic eye screenings

Legacy Health and Legacy Health Partners are working on a direct-mail campaign designed to encourage patients with diabetes to schedule their eye exam, directing them to an LHP provider if they do not already have an ophthalmologist. This is part of LHP’s strategy to help providers meet targets for the clinical integration performance measures with support from patient outreach campaigns. The Legacy marketing department, working closely with LHP, will send out a personalized and confidential mailing to about 200 Legacy Employee Health Plan members in September. More details to come in next month’s newsletter.

Practice administrators: Is LHP living up to your expectations?

On August 2 we held our first of three practice administrator information/networking sessions at Salmon Creek. Attendees shared ideas about what's working well within LHP and what could be improved. If you haven’t already RSVP’d  for a session, please consider joining us at noon on either August 10 (Meridian Park) or on August 15 (Emanuel). Get the details here.

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