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Dr Nick Kashey LHP Medical DirectorUsing Spōk for Better Patient Care

Nick Kashey, M.D., LHP Medical Director

Greetings to the LHP community. Legacy Health is inviting LHP providers to sign up for Spōk Mobile, a secure messaging application being provided at no cost to all Legacy credentialed medical staff. You’ll receive all the details plus help from your Field Operations Adviser beginning next week, but here’s a preview to whet your appetite if you don’t already know what Spōk Mobile can do for you.

As I get oriented to clinical practice here in Portland, I want to share my enthusiasm around the rollout of Spōk Mobile to all LHP providers. I recently came from practicing in an ACO that had a similar secure texting platform and can personally attest to the clinical benefits of this tool.

I have spent many hours over the years playing phone tag with other providers. We all face the challenge of being busy with patients and not wanting to interrupt someone else while they are with a patient. Having a secure texting app that spans the entire network of providers (irrespective of what EMR or paging system they use) is incredibly helpful.

For example, as a PCP seeing a newborn on a Friday afternoon with a complication of a circumcision (I’ll spare you the details), I used the secure texting system to get help from a pediatric surgeon, have them review a photo I had uploaded in the EMR, and come up with a plan in a matter of minutes. We accomplished all this without having to wait on hold or pull each other out of rooms, and we were able to avoid sending this poor family running across town to another office or the ED.

The ED providers regularly used the platform to communicate with PCPs about mutual patients, preventing unnecessary admissions and allowing better coordination of care.

Having the tools to conveniently and securely communicate with each other (without everyone swapping cell phone numbers) is essential to our performance as a clinically integrated network. It also can save us time in our busy days, which is something we all could use. The more of us that sign up, the better and more useful it will be, so please join me in registering.

Thank you all, and when you are signed up for Spōk, please feel free to send me a message anytime!

You’ll get all the details next week in an LHP Hot Topic. Your Field Operations Adviser will then be getting in touch to assist you with signing up and answering your questions.


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