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QUALITY CORNER: Care gap reports now available

Have you looked at your LHP dashboard lately? More performance values and targets are displayed and LHP’s wellness and chronic condition care measures reflect data for claims paid through August 30, 2017. Currently, we are meeting or exceeding performance at the same time last year for six of these measures but the LHP Network is performing at a 2.4% lower rate on our Diabetic HbA1c measure and 8.5% lower on our Diabetic Eye Exams compared to this same point in time last year. This means our current performance trajectory for these two measures is not estimated to meet our performance goals by the end of the measurement year.

LHP’s care gap reports can help support practices in meeting performance goals. This year’s care gap reports are now available for providers to generate from their LHP Dashboard for the following wellness and chronic condition care measures:
• Diabetic Eye Exam
• Diabetic A1c
• Breast Cancer Screening
• Colon Cancer Screening
• Cervical Cancer Screening
• Well-Child Checks 0-15 months
• Well-Child Checks 3-6 years
• Well-Child Checks 13-17 years

Care gap reports can help providers identify their LHP patients that are included in the LHP measures who still need gaps in care addressed this year. This benefits patient health and helps increase the LHP Network’s performance.

More information
Here’s an FAQ (available to LHP members on the team site) to help providers close care gaps using patient care gap reports. Providers can access care gap reports for their attributed patients by logging into their LHP Dashboard in Epic Hyperspace, clicking the divot next to the measure of interest, and clicking the “My LHP patients included in the measure” link to launch the report. If you need help running the report from your Dashboard, refer to the tip sheet titled “LHP Reporting: Provider Generates a Patient Care Gap Report” available to LHP members on the LHP team site.

Coming soon
• LHP Administrators will soon be able to generate care gap reports on behalf of their providers. We’ll let you know through an LHP Hot Topic announcement as well as through your Field Operations Advisers. In the meantime, please encourage your providers to run their reports from their LHP Dashboard.
• Data for Aetna patients (Aetna is one of LHP’s new contracts) will also be included in the measure performance on the LHP Dashboard. These are not new patients to you but the care you have provided for these patients this year will now be included in the Network’s performance on the Dashboard.

If you have questions, please contact your Field Operations Adviser.


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