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QUALITY CORNER: Action steps for improving your cancer screening score

Currently, the LHP network is not meeting the breast, cervical or colorectal cancer screening performance targets for the 2017 measurement year. Because these measures have associated lookback periods of between two and ten years, the claims data we receive for reporting on these measures is incomplete. Manually submitting data will give LHP a more accurate and timely picture of how the network is performing on these measures.

If you are a Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or OB/GYN provider, or you are an administrator or a member of the support staff at a primary care practice, you can help improve performance on the LHP network’s three cancer screening measures by manually submitting additional information from your EMR.

How to submit additional cancer screening data

Please follow these instructions available on the LHP team site to submit additional data for any LHP-covered lives who had a relevant cancer screening that currently is not being reflected by claims data. Your participation in this voluntary process is especially important now that Aetna lives are included in our measure performance. We have not yet collected cancer screening data during long lookback periods for the Aetna population.

Open this spreadsheet in Excel, enter your information and submit it to LHP no later than February 2, 2018. LHP staff will input your information into our records to give you credit for completed screenings and to accurately capture the network’s performance.

More to come

LHP is working on functionality that will allow support staff such as medical assistants and administrators to close care gaps on behalf of their providers in real time directly within Epic for cancer screening measures in the 2018 Clinical Integration program. We will share more information about that process when it is available next year.

Contact your LHP Field Operations Adviser if you have any questions or need help.

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