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How to order medical records

Follow the instructions below to order records for yourself or for others.

Request copies of your own Legacy medical or billing records

Birth certificates are not issued by hospitals. Please contact the state offices below:

Request copies of your own medical or billing records

To request medical records of others

A patient’s medical record can only be released to a third party if the patient has signed a release (see below) or if there is proof they are legally allowed to sign for and make health care decisions for the patient.

Typical third party requests come from family members as well as attorneys, insurance companies, government agencies and copy services. 

Here’s how to make a request for someone else’s medical records:

Where to send your medical record request: 

Legacy Health
Release of Information Dept
P.O. Box 2868
Portland, Oregon 97208
Oregon fax: 503-413-4671
Washington fax: 360-487-3419

If you still have questions, call the Legacy Health Release of Information Department:

  • Oregon: 503-413-2762
  • Washington: 360-487-3408
  • *Please note: Your phone calls route to our centralized phone system. Request the Release of Information Department.