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Women of Meridian Park

The mission of the Women of Meridian Park is to help provide the highest quality health care to the individuals and families in our rapidly growing community. The Women of Meridian Park are integral to Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center’s continued growth and expansion of services.

Annual gifts from individuals support a wide range of projects that enhance the outstanding patient care and programs available at Legacy Meridian Park.There are many exciting developments underway at Legacy Meridian Park and there's never been a better time to join the Women of Meridian Park in helping make a difference in the health of our community.

Women of Meridian Park Steering Committee

Cheryl Dotten, Co-Chair
Annette Moreau, Co-Chair
Allyson Anderson
Michelle Beilstien, M.D.
Suanne Benowicz
Cyndie Glazer 
Julie Goodwin
Erin Miller
Anne Rader, M.D. 
Kelly Sloop
Connie Taylor
Ann Thompson 

Current Women of Meridian Park members