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Diversity at Legacy Health

Legacy Health places a high priority on building a culture that values diversity in how we work with each other, how we deliver care, how we partner with our community and how we do business. Diversity is a moral, social and business imperative for us. 

We believe that if we do the right thing for our employees, our patients and our communities, then we are doing the right thing for our business.


How diversity strengthens us

Diversity - group shot

A few years ago, Legacy Health took a serious look at diversity with an eye toward real change. We felt that by embracing diversity, we deliver exceptional care to our patients while improving their experience; improve the health of our community; and encourage innovation.

We came up with a comprehensive action plan, with four goals:

Strengthen our workforce diversity

Our people are our greatest asset. We live in an increasingly diverse world and we want to engage our employees to build and sustain a culture that is welcoming, respectful and inclusive of all people. Go here to see how we are addressing this issue.

Increase diversity and cultural competency of leaders

Leaders must posses the ability to strive toward an environment that fosters diversity and cultural competence. Our work here is in improving the diversity in our leadership levels, and to increase the cultural competence of our leaders through training and community engagement. Go here to see how we are addressing this issue.

Expand our engagement with diverse communities

Legacy is serious about its commitment to the community and is a dedicated community partner. We want to actively build strong partnerships with our community partners, and to authentically engage the communities. Go here to see how we are addressing this issue.

Deliver culturally responsive care

Cultural competency is interacting successfully with people from various ethnic and/or cultural groups. Cultural health beliefs and language barriers can have a profound effect in health care. Understanding someone's cultural background helps in providing the best care for the patient. Go here to see how we are addressing this issue.

Also, look at our diversity report, "Interwoven," which addresses these issues.