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Workforce diversity

Our people are our greatest asset. We live in an increasingly diverse world and we want to engage our employees to build and sustain a culture that is welcoming, respectful and inclusive of all people.
Strengthening our workforce diversity is one of our four goals in our diversity effort. Here is what we are doing toward this goal:

Workforce — We strive to recruit, develop and retain a talented, diverse workforce that mirrors the diversity of the communities we serve, allowing us to improve our understanding of the needs or our patients and their families. Following are statistics on a few of the aspects that demonstrate the diversity of our 10,400 employees:

  • People of color make up 18.22 percent of Legacy's workforce.
  • Of the new hires in 2014, 23.17 percent were people of color.
  • Women hold 69 percent of all leadership positions at Legacy; 50 percent at the executive level. Women make up 77.7 percent of Legacy's total workforce.

(Check out the "My life, my Legacy" stories showing the diverse backgrounds and talents of various Legacy employees.)

Recruitment — We welcome different perspectives, thoughts and ideas. We consider these differences an asset for our organization. We believe a balanced portfolio of employees benefit us by providing diverse ideas and ways of thinking. As such, we have made a concerted effort to fill underrepresented positions and partner with various organizations to increase the pipeline of diverse talent. We proactively recruit from career fairs, community events and innovative programs and partnerships, focusing on partnerships with organizations that focus on placing minorities, women and people with disabilities. Go here to see more about our recruitment partnerships. Follow this link to look into employment at Legacy.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) — Legacy began forming ERGs in 2011. Open to all employees and volunteers, these groups foster inclusion by giving individuals a chance to create communities, connections and a greater sense of belonging while supporting the diversity efforts at Legacy and building a more inclusive workplace.We have more than 250 people in these ERGs:

  • Asian/Pacific Islander-Hawaiian
  • Black/African American
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender
  • Veterans
  • Native American

Learn more about our diverse groups with a shared set of interests, experiences, culture and perspectives, known as Employee Resource Groups 

Employee survey — Results from our most-recent employee survey regarding diversity show that 81.7 percent agreed with the statement "My organization understands and respects differences among employees (gender, race, age, religion, etc.)." The benchmark nationally for that question is a 76.8 percent agree.

Diversity day — Each year since 2012, Legacy has sponsored a common diversity day celebration at each site.