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Community Health Fund

Legacy Community Health Fund

Almost $500,000 a year in grants for community programs 

The Legacy Health Board of Directors approved a $10-million endowed fund from operating revenue to address major community health issues in 1998. Between 1999 and 2015, as much as $500,000 annually has been spent on community-based projects. To date, we have awarded 47 grants totaling $8 million. Community Health Fund grant principles were developed with the underlying philosophy of supporting organizations with reputations for innovation and follow-through.

Our focus from the beginning has been the significant health disparities within racial and ethnic communities and addressing the social determinants of health. Fifty-seven percent of Community Heath Fund dollars have been directed to communities of color. An additional 31 percent of grants have been specifically for low-income communities.

 In 2010 the 15 metro-area hospitals and four public health departments (and joined later by the two metro area coordinated care organizations) convened to develop a regional Community Health Needs Assessment — named Healthy Columbia Willamette Collaborative (HCWC). The first CHNA was published in 2013.

In 2015 Legacy Health conducted community health needs assessments for each of its hospitals using the HCWC CHNA as a base. The following priority focus areas were identified: access to health care, chronic disease, mental health, substance use disorder, health literacy, and youth and education. A cultural, racial and ethnic disparities lens will be used in assessing all needs to reduce disparities. Community Health Fund grants are aligned with the community needs assessment focuses. 

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