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Quality and patient safety

We are totally committed to the quality of your care and to your safety while you are with us. Legacy Health participates in quality improvement initiatives, tracks its progress, and trains and rewards its employees based on quality and safety. When our senior leadership gathers each week, the meeting begins with a “safety huddle” intended to surface common issues across the system and ensure that the solutions are widely adopted. Our Board of Directors even begins each meeting with a “patient safety story” that keeps the patient at the top of their minds. They also spend more time evaluating quality and patient safety than financial goals. 

We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made but we continue to become better. We want to share this with you in two forms: our initiatives and our results.

Quality and safety initiatives

Legacy has many initiatives to improve quality and safety. We also have two overarching “Big Aims:”

  1. Eliminate needless deaths.
  2. Eliminate preventable harm.

Learn more about our Big Aims and how we’re doing with them here. This link also has information on many other quality initiatives.

Quality and safety reporting

Quality and safety information about hospitals used to be difficult to find. Today this information is available on the web from the government and from other sources. We believe:

  • You deserve easily available information to help you select a hospital or other provider based on the quality of care you expect to receive.
  • We should routinely measure our performance against accepted standards.

Many of the quality measures we track are also reported to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) , and publicly available on the Hospital Compare website and the Oregon Hospital Guide website. We encourage you to visit those sites, where you can get information on Legacy hospitals and others in the region.

We share a few of the more common measures for all our hospitals here.

Patient confidentiality

To protect patient confidentiality, Legacy only reports combined data for all our patients as a group. We do not report information about specific patients, and we follow rules set out in the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which protects against the sharing of patient-specific information without proper authorization.