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Quality and safety reporting

We track many quality measures and share our data with Hospital Compare. Go to the Hospital Compare website, search for any of our hospitals and look through the data on surgery, emergency room, patient satisfaction and more. You can also look up other hospitals in the region.

Other performance reporting

Legacy measures and reports its quality performance to numerous specialty organizations, such as the Society for Thoracic Surgeons, the American College of Cardiology–National Cardiovascular Data Registry and the Vermont Oxford Network. These specialty organizations monitor the quality of care in their specialties and often recommend new procedures or processes to improve quality. The same type of rigor used by the public reporting groups is used by these nationally recognized registries.

For more information about quality and accreditation in some of our specialty areas, visit these sections:


Other information on quality measures is available from private companies, such as HealthGrades and 100 Top Hospitals, which may help you in your health care decision-making. These commercial sites often use different measures that have not been identified by a consensus of national physicians and health care organizations as the most effective treatments and procedures available.