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A Legacy of sustainability

Sustainability is a core belief that we act on every day at Legacy Health. As a nonprofit, locally owned organization with over 13,000 employees and volunteers, we are doing our part to improve our environmental performance, community stewardship and engagement while also delivering excellent patient care.

We're proud to have received the prestigious System for Change award from Practice Greenhealth, a national award for working cohesively to gather data, set system goals, benchmark and share successes in environmental performance.

Highlights of our commitment

  • Winner of Portland General Electric's "Outstanding Leadership in Clean Wind Contribution" award.
  • A strategic focus on energy and water resource management. Utilizing a team approach and a formal resource management plan, we work closely with our facilities management staff and our employee population to identify resource conservation projects and develop efficiency plans for each site.
  • Engagement with community partners to improve access to health care screening and education as well as a commitment to engaging diverse stakeholders both inside and outside of the organization.
  • A commitment to social justice and diversity that looks beyond legal requirements and instead toward leadership.
  • sustainable supply chain program that incorporates triple bottom line best practices in our supplier selection and management processes.
  • Hospital cafeterias serving local and organic foods to patients, employees and visitors.
  • Local farmers markets at most of our hospital sites, along with engagement with local community supported agriculture.
  • Employee "Green Teams" that generate ideas and carry out projects to improve Legacy's sustainability efforts at our area hospitals.
  • An aggressive recycling program that diverts approximately 2,315 tons of waste from landfills annually through co-mingle recycling, composting, electronic waste and advanced environmental technologies in medical waste disposal. This has led to the diversion of approximately 30 percent of our total waste away from landfills.