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Facilities management

Respect for the interconnections of the environment is the cornerstone of Legacy Health's facilities management. Whenever and wherever possible, we make environmentally friendly choices about landscaping, water conservation, wastewater treatment, energy efficiency and the equipment and products used for the cleaning and maintenance of our buildings.

Additional initiatives:

  • Bioswales — The landscaping at most Legacy campuses incorporates bioswales, a method of landscaping that uses native plants and is designed to filter storm water.
  • Clean air policies — Legacy and Portland's three other hospital systems initiated a voluntary effort to clean up emissions from heavy-duty vehicles and equipment operating near hospitals in the Portland area. All hospital-owned vehicles were retrofitted with advanced filters to minimize diesel emissions. For other diesel uses such as emergency generators, we employ the cleanest-burning diesel fuel on the market.
  • Solar power Legacy Emanuel Medical Center uses a solar array. You can see the electricity usage in real time on this custom website produced by Power-One, Inc.