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LRI Seminar Series

The Legacy Research Institute sponsors a seminar series on topics that focus on the areas of scientific investigation in progress within the Legacy system.

As of Nov 2022 seminars are being held in-person, as well as with an online viewing option (email research-grants@lhs.org for more info).

All Legacy Health staff and external members of the local bioscience community are invited to attend.  For current Research employees the links to online seminars will be sent via a calendar invite, for non-research Legacy employees the link will be posted on the Legacy Research Institute intranet page. If you are not a current Legacy employee, please email research-grants@lhs.org for the link.

Date Speaker Title

Dec 7, 2022
4pm - 5pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm. &

Massimo Fazio, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Science Research
Department Biomedical Engineering
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Morphological and Biomechanical Characterization of the Optic Nerve Head in Glaucoma
Aug 16, 2022
3pm - 4pm

Tony Redmond, BSc PhD MCOptom FHEA Reader
School of Optometry and Vision Sciences
Cardiff University, UK

Mapping functional biomarkers for glaucoma with novel perimetric stimuli
Sept 24, 2020
11am - noon
Markus Grompe, M.D.
Professor, Papé Family Pediatric Research Institute,
Oregon Health and Science University
In vivo selection to enhance liver-directed cell and gene therapy
Feb 18, 2020
10am - 11am
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Marina Wolf, PhD
Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience,
Oregon Health and Science University
AMPA and NMDA receptor plasticity during incubation of cocaine craving
Jan 23, 2020,
4pm - 5pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Rebecca M. Sappington, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. Neurobiology and Anatomy,
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Interleukin-6: More than Meets the Eye
Jan 21, 2020,
Noon - 1pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Paul Newton, JD, CIP
Senior Regulatory Specialist, Legacy Research Institute
Research Ethics: Scandals in Research – Lessons Learned / Ethical Codes and Laws
Nov 6, 2019,
11am - Noon
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Travis E. Brown, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Wyoming
Nothing but Net: Influence of exercise on perineuronal nets
Oct 8, 2019,
11am - Noon
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Miranda M. Lim, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor,
VA Portland Health Care System and Oregon Health and Science University
Sleep-wake disturbances in TBI: From bench to bedside
Sept 9, 2019,
1pm - 2pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Amy Kohtz, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers University Brain Health Institute,
Laboratory of Dr. Gary Aston-Jones
Sex Differences in Cocaine Addiction: Motivation or Memory?
Aug 23, 2019,
1pm - 2pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Imee Williams, BSc
2018 U.S. Fulbright scholar
The Human Rights, Needs, and Priorities of Children with Cerebral Palsy in the Philippines
Mar 20, 2019,
2pm - 4pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Shaban Demirel, OD, PhD
Director of Clinical Research, Legacy Research Institute
Introduction to, and basic statistics in, R

Mar 12, 2019, 4pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm.

Luis Alarcon-Martinez, PhD
Department of Neuroscience, University of Montreal Hospital Research Center
New approaches to study retinal pericytes
Mar 12, 2019, 2pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Elliot Stein, PhD
Senior Investigator and Chief, Neuroimaging Research Branch
National Institute on Drug Abuse Intramural Research Program (NIDA-IRP)
Rethinking Nicotine Dependence Treatment: Neuroimaging insights into State and Trait mechanisms
Feb 28, 2019, 4pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Kazuhiro Kurokawa, PhD
Research Associate, School of Optometry, Indiana University Bloomington
Measuring ganglion cell layer soma loss in healthy subjects
Feb 13, 2019, 4pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Laura Villasana, PhD
Assistant Professor, OHSU
Paradoxical effects of traumatic brain injury on neurogenesis: Implications for short and long-term recovery
Jan 25, 2019, Noon
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Marilyn Rampersad Mackiewicz, Ph.D (Noon)
Portland State University, Department of Chemistry
Using Tiny Pieces of Gold to Visualize Stem Cells that Repair Macular Degeneration in the Eye
Jan 18, 2019, 1pm
Biomedical Conf. Rm.
Kiesow Collaboratory Science Day (1pm onwards)
Science, Networking, and Grant Proposal Event
Junior/trainee scientists from Legacy Research Institute and Washington State University-Vancouver will give 5-10 minute talks on their independent research interests