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Expert care delivered by virtual connections

Legacy Telehealth offers specialized expertise through several virtual solutions for both emergency and routine situations. From Tele-Baby to Tele-stroke, we treat a wide range of ages and conditions. We provide the following telehealth consult types:

Acute on-demand care

Neonatal cases

Neonatal nurse practitioners at Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel provide resuscitation guidance for high-risk deliveries in our Tele-Baby Resuscitation and Tele-Neonatal Critical Care consult programs.  The team of neonatal nurse practitioners work with nurseries to support the care of newborns and babies needing support prior to transport. Additionally, neonatologists provide remote consultation services for newborns.

Infectious diseases

Infectious disease specialists provide scheduled evaluation and consultation for hospitals and clinics throughout the region. Additionally, the infectious disease specialist and team can monitor and evaluate patients for patients with highly contagious conditions, minimizing risk to clinical teams and specialists.


Our Legacy Telehealth neurology services support facilities that do not have on site general neurology coverage. The program provides on-call services to patients who need treatment for headaches, seizures, post-TPA administration follow up or general neurology deficits.

Pediatric critical care

Pediatric intensivists from Randall Children’s Hospital provide emergency department consultation for pediatric patients. The intent of the program is to enhance stabilization in the ED or other clinical areas prior to transport.   A team of pediatric intensivists work with our clinical partners in the region to care for critically ill patients.


A team of neurologists provide emergency department consultation for acute strokes, supporting the team in treatment of stroke and transfer recommendations.The physicians, clinical education coordinator, administrative leaders and outreach staff provide support for community hospitals in the Northwest.


Routine scheduled care

Maternal-fetal medicine and genetic counseling

Legacy maternal-fetal medicine physicians provide clinical on-site services through an outreach clinic at hospital sites and clinics throughout the region.  Sonographer services and remote genetic counseling are also available.  The MFM physicians also have the option to provide remote U.S. interpretation. Genetic counselors provide remote counseling services to patients as well as follow-up visits. 


Legacy cardiologists provide follow-up visits to patients in the region as well as interpretation of remote ECHO studies. 

Behavioral health  

Legacy’s psychiatric liaison service provides remote consultation via telemedicine.  The consult service is available for the emergency department and medical floors. Consult services are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. 

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