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Medicaid Redetermination currently underway

As the Public Health Emergency (PHE) comes to an end, the Medicaid program is undergoing a nationwide effort to redetermine the eligibility of its members. Here in Oregon, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is leading this initiative, beginning with outreach to Medicaid members to update their contact information in preparation for the notification to re-enroll. In Washington, the Washington State Health Care Authority (WSHCA) is managing redetermination.

The OHA and WHA have launched extensive outreach campaigns, using various channels including advertising, direct mail, social media, radio, and billboards to raise awareness about the importance of updating contact information. Payors are supporting this campaign through their customer service teams and other outreach tactics to ensure members are informed about the need to update their information and re-enroll to keep coverage.


How is Legacy supporting Medicaid Redetermination?

At Legacy, we’re in a unique position to support this effort as we serve as the primary point of contact for many Medicaid members. We’re using these posters in our exam rooms to remind people to update their information so they can receive re-enrollment materials.


How can you help?

And, if you’re asked by a patient about this, here are a few steps to follow to help them:

  1. Acknowledge that with the end of the PHE, all Medicaid participants are required to re-enroll to determine their eligibility to maintain medical coverage.
  2. Stress the importance of keeping their contact information up-to-date so they can receive their re-enrollment materials.
  3. Encourage people receiving benefits to watch for and open mail from the state and respond to any requests for information quickly.


Thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to our patients' well-being. Your active participation in this process will reduce patient confusion, help expedite the process and minimize coverage disruptions.

You can find more information about Medicaid Redetermination on the OHA Partner and WSHCA websites.