Impressive earnings from 2022 driven by high quality outcomes

Final financial results are in for 2022 and we are pleased to share our clinically integrated network earned $3.1 million in shared savings by reducing the total cost of care against our targets and demonstrating strong quality performance. This marks the second largest shared savings earnings and provider payout in LHP’s history – driven by positive cost performance in several contracts and impressive quality results, in large part due to clinical data submitted by practices. The addition of clinical data ensured our results accurately reflected the great care our network delivered for our shared patients and helped us maximize our quality scores.

LHP will be distributing earnings based on your results in LHP’s performance measures to your practice via direct deposit later this month and your outreach advisor will share specific performance and earning details. Click here for the 2022 Impact Summary to see our collective accomplishments and the impact we made on both cost and quality.

Thank you for your partnership and outstanding care.

Utilization Corner: Recent clinical implications of wildfires event highlights wildfire health risks and preventive measures

In September, we hosted our second Clinical Collaboration Series event of the year: “Clinical Implications of Wildfires and How to Prevent Them”. Dr. Albert Chaffin, Medical Director for Legacy Health Partners shares highlights from this timely and informative session led by Drs. Erika Moseson and Brendan Daly. This session was recorded, and CME credit is available.


LHP’s Provider Directory shows which providers are members in our clinically integrated network

Legacy Health Partners is a robust and diverse network consisting of Legacy Health, Legacy Medical Group and independent private practice physicians that have a commitment to delivering value and improving health. To enhance coordination of care, we encourage collaboration with LHP physicians where available and clinically appropriate. Our tightly aligned network improves the quality of care delivered and improves patient satisfaction. It also helps us achieve higher earned savings with our payor contracts, which ultimately goes back to the providers who are members in our network.

With that in mind, we are making it easier to keep your LHP patients in the network for their care by emailing our LHP Directory every month in an excel spreadsheet format that administrators and staff can filter and sort easily. We encourage you to check the directory before making LHP referrals and we would appreciate any feedback or ideas you have that would improve our LHP directory. Please contact Kristin Gilmer at with questions or suggestions.

Specialty Spotlight: Gastroenterology providers in your LHP Network

We are highlighting different specialties in our network each month to increase awareness and build community across our network.

We are lucky to have such amazing providers and staff supporting our gastroenterology clinics throughout Legacy Health Partners. You can find an LHP GI clinic across our various hospital campuses and at a location near you.

Whether your patient is due for a colonoscopy, considered to be the gold standard for colorectal cancer screening, or they are suffering from digestive discomfort from a variety of conditions, you can be sure that the LHP GI providers and their staff will take great care of them.

Click below to see our LHP gastroenterologists’ websites with providers and locations:
Please note there are also some general surgeons in our network that also do colonoscopies. Please contact your Provider Outreach & Engagement Advisor if you are struggling with finding an appointment for your patient.

Announcements, deadlines, and reminders

  • LHP is accepting applications (due Oct. 31) for seats on the board of managers and all three board committees: Clinical Collaboration and Performance Improvement; Finance and Contracting; and Quality and Membership. The LHP board of managers and board committees strive for diversity in representation of providers and we encourage applications from people of color, women, and those in the LGBTQI+ community. If you would like to speak with someone about exploring what it’s like to serve, email, and we will connect you with LHP staff or current board and committee members to share more information.

  • Primary care and specialty practices are encouraged to submit an improvement project you’ve been working on by the end of October to be considered for an LHP Quality Award this year. LHP scores the applications and provides financial awards to the top three winners. We’re also introducing new ways to recognize practices for high performance and your dedication to improvement – stay tuned!

  • Providers still have time to choose one Learning Module from LHP’s video library to watch by December 31 if you haven’t done one already. Modules include clinically relevant information from subject matter experts on a wide range of topics. The videos are between 15-30 minutes and contribute toward your CI score which determines the amount of money you earn from LHP’s incentive program for 2023.

  • The LHP board approved the minimum performance threshold to remain at 55 percent for 2023. This minimum clinical integration (CI) score supports network goals for provider engagement and high performance. Any LHP provider whose final score in the CI program is not at least 55%:
    • will not earn incentive money for 2023 performance and
    • will be placed on a monitoring plan next year to give an opportunity to improve their score