Quality Corner: 2023 performance results and LHP’s focus on improvement 

The results for LHP’s 2023 performance year are in, and we are proud to share performance highlights and let you know where we are focusing our attention this year. We will distribute incentives to practices based on LHP's performance measures later this fall as usual.

Strengths of our network 
  • Providers in our network improved cervical cancer screenings since 2022 and have increased well-child visit rates each year since 2020.
  • Providers continue to perform well in patient safety measures and prescribe generic medications when they are available.
  • We are excited to celebrate your outstanding performance and hear more about your achievements and what is working well for you and your patients.
LHP’s focus on improvement opportunities 
  • To improve diabetes care, we are:
    • Assessing performance trends and organizing regional meetings to learn together and address shared challenges or barriers.
    • Providing resources like the Diabetes Playbook.
    • Mailing reminder cards to PacificSource patients with diabetes to help them track their routine care through the year.
  • Managing chronic conditions is an important step in preventing serious health complications. Our Better Health care team is available for care management and can help patients manage medications and schedule preventive care visits.
  • Emergency room visits and advanced imaging tests happened more frequently. This year, LHP is making it easier to access resources like clinical collaboration guidelines and the Avoidable ED visit toolkit without a password to help reduce total cost of care. Stay tuned!

How you can get involved

  • We encourage you to review your results (2023 measures are archived on your LHP dashboard) and identify at least one area where you can make an impact this year. This is a great opportunity to track your progress and submit your ideas for LHP’s Quality Awards. You could win a cash prize for your practice and share your project with the network. We would love to hear from you.
  • Download this handout for highlights about this year’s clinical integration program and “quick links” to all the tools and resources available to support you. You can review performance measures for 2024 once they are posted in the LHP Reporting Suite soon.
  • You can request support from our Quality, Performance and Improvement team who are available to help with HCC re-capture, Stars performance, quality projects, and workflow improvements. Email LegacyHealthPartners@lhs.org or let your outreach adviser know you are interested.

We are proud to have you as part of our network. Thank you for continuing to provide the highest quality care to our patients.

Adult health & wellness

Chronic disease care

Child health & wellness

Exceptional screening rates for cancer



  • Hope Family Medicine
  • LMG Silverton Family Medicine
  • Silver Creek Family Medicine
  • Vancouver Clinic – Ridgefield
  • The Willamette Clinic



  • Hidenao Kimura
  • The Portland Clinic – Northeast
  • Sellwood Medical Clinic
  • LMG Silverton Family Medicine
  • Hope Family Medicine



  • The Portland Clinic – South
  • Columbia View Family Health Center
  • LMG Tualatin
  • LMG Northwest
  • LMG Bridgeport


Superior statin therapy dispense rates for CAD and Diabetes:

  • Hudson’s Bay Medical
  • Merritt Health and Wellness
  • Vancouver Clinic – Columbia Tech
  • Hidenao Kimura


Outstanding HbA1c control:

  • LMG Silverton Family Medicine
  • Oak Grove Family Medical Clinic
  • Silver Creek Family Medicine
  • LMG Cornell
  • LMG Family Wellness


Successful blood pressure control:

  • The Portland Clinic – Northeast
  • LMG Emanuel
  • LMG Silverton
  • LMG Westside Internal Medicine
  • LMG Broadway




Impressive overall rates for well-child visits:

  • Sellwood Medical Clinic
  • Oregon Pediatrics – NE Portland
  • Pediatric Associates of the NW – Tigard
  • Sunset Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Associates of the NW – Portland


Ensuring childhood immunizations are up to date by 2 years old:

  • Oregon Pediatrics – NE Portland
  • Pioneer Pediatrics
  • Willamette Falls Pediatric Group
  • Sunset Pediatrics
  • Olson Pediatric Clinic



We also want to recognize the specialists and hospital-based providers in the network for providing services and high-quality care to patients to improve their health outcomes and contribute to our goals as an integrated network. We are proud of the partnership and coordination across all practice settings in our network. Thank you!

We encourage ANY practice in LHP to consider applying for an LHP Quality Award so we can continue to learn and connect with one another.

Have you and your staff been focusing on an improvement project this year? We want to hear about it!

Legacy Health Partners (LHP) is accepting applications for our annual LHP Quality Awards that document an improvement project you’ve been working on. We want to recognize your entire staff for your hard work and help share information and ideas across our entire network.

  • Primary care and specialty practices are encouraged to apply.
  • Download the brief application from our LHP Team Site and submit it by the end of October.
  • LHP reviews the applications with our Quality & Membership committee to select the winners.
  • We award prize amounts for the top three winners ($2000, $1500, and $1000 respectively) to recognize the work you are doing and to support your efforts. We understand the challenges, tasks, and priorities that are impacting time available for managing and prioritizing quality or improvement projects.
  • We also recognize clinics and staff in different ways throughout the year, including special treats or lunch to recognize team members, plaques and certificates for teams who participated, sharing projects in videos and online toolkits so other practices can learn how to implement similar strategies that were successful, and more!

Your commitment to patients and improving overall health is our network’s greatest strength. We look forward to hearing about your projects and celebrating your results. Good luck and thanks for all you do!