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Personal information: asking questions to get to know you better

Your care team may ask personal questions during a first visit or if your medical record is missing information about your:

  • race
  • ethnicity
  • language
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity

We may also ask via MyHealth if your medical record doesn’t include answers to these questions.

Why we ask

We ask personal questions so your care team can get to know you better. Your answers help us ensure we are providing equitable care to all community members and improve our outreach to those who are underserved.   We also want to be sure your medical record correctly reflects your identity.

Answering the questions is your choice

  • You don’t have to answer any personal questions. Just let us know that you prefer not to answer. We will note that in your record. 
  • We will provide the same quality level of care for you whether or not you choose to answer these questions.  

How the information is used 

  • Your answers become part of your medical record. That is private and available only to you and your care team. Learn more about patient privacy.
  • We use the data to improve health outcomes for our patients. We also provide data about our patient populations in general to state, federal, and other health agencies.  When we do, your information remains private, and the data we report is not linked to your identity or medical record.  

Updating your medical record

  • If your medical record is missing this personal information, you can update it at any time via MyHealth (see phone app and web browser tip sheets for help).
  • If you don’t have a MyHealth account and want access to your medical record 24 hours a day, sign up for MyHealth.
  • You can also ask a care team member to update your record at your next visit.  

Requesting a copy of your medical record

If you don’t have a MyHealth account and want to see your personal information, ask your provider the next time you visit. You can also request a copy of your medical record  from Legacy Health. 

Report an issue with personal information and your care

If you have a concern about how we asked for this information or how it was handled by our care team, please contact patient relations.