Why volunteer at Legacy?

Healthcare Impact Icon Volunteering is an impactful and rewarding way to contribute to our community while gaining valuable experience in healthcare.


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As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to support patients, families and staff and make a positive difference in their lives.


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Other perks for volunteering vary by location and may include meal allowances, group discounts, vaccines, and more.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Join our volunteer team at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities. Our goal is to serve patients and families and provide a worthwhile experience to the volunteers that commit their time. Volunteer opportunities include:

Patient Care Areas
  • Relaxation Cart Service
  • Emergency Department
  • Inpatient Nursing units
Gift Shop
  • Sales Associate
  • Greeter
  • Special projects
  • Spiritual Care
  • Cancer Support
  • Pillow/Quilt Sewing
  • And many more

Apply to volunteer at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center

Read about our volunteers celebrating 50 years of service

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Meridian Park Medical Center garden park bench view

Frequently Asked Questions 

What age can I start volunteering?
The age requirement to volunteer at Meridian Park is 16 years old.

What is my commitment to the program?
We ask volunteers at Meridian Park to commit to one volunteer assignment a week for at least 6 months.

How do I become a volunteer?
Please see the steps listed below on how to become a volunteer.

If you have any questions about our volunteer program, please reach out to our volunteer office at 503-692-2270

Step 1

Volunteer Application Icon

Complete an application

After we receive your application, you will be contacted via email to schedule an orientation.

Apply to Volunteer

Step 2

Orientation & Interview Icon

Attend in-person orientation
Attend an interview

Note: Order may vary by location

Step 3

Background Check Step Icon

Complete compliance paper
Complete background check

Step 4

Health Screen Icon

Health screening (with TB test)

  • Required Vaccines:
    - MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
    - Chickenpox (varicella)
    - T-Dap (tetanus)
    - COVID-19*
    - Flu (influenza)*
    * Declination accepted

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