Surgical options to treat cancer.

Legacy doctor talks to female patient about Uterine Endometrial Cancer

What you need to know

Many people with cancer will have some type of surgery involved in their treatment plan. In fact, surgery offers the best outcome for many types of cancer. Legacy Cancer Institute experts include surgical oncologists, reconstructive surgeons and surgeons specializing in the most advanced surgical techniques. We provide surgical expertise in diagnosing and treating many forms of cancer.

Nationally recognized surgical care 

Our board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons are known throughout the Northwest of the United States for their expertise and compassion. They specialize in cancer surgery and either have additional training or focus their practice on a particular type of procedure. The surgical team affiliated with our national award-winning Legacy Cancer Institute is backed by a highly trained team that helps navigate all aspects of your care.

Minimally invasive surgery 

Legacy Health surgeons are trained in minimally invasive techniques. Minimally invasive surgery is also called "laparoscopic" or "endoscopic" surgery. Through small incisions, the surgeon uses special tools and a tiny video camera to perform the surgery, eliminating the need for a large incision and helping speed recovery.

Some minimally invasive surgery are assisted with robotic technology. In these cases, the surgeon uses robotic controls to hold miniature instruments that can be manipulated with more precision than is possible with a human hand. During robotic surgery, the surgeon — not the robot — controls the procedure.

Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery improves the way a person looks after major cancer surgery, or to restore the function of an organ or body part. Examples are breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and the use of tissue flaps, bone grafts, or prosthetic materials after treatment for head and neck cancers.

Our doctors have years of experience in highly specialized forms of reconstruction. Learn about breast reconstruction. Learn about oral, head and neck reconstruction.

Working together for you

Our cancer experts work together with a common goal: delivering the right care for you.

A range of specialists collaborate regularly in meetings called tumor boards to agree on the best plan for specific cancer cases. Your treatment plan is made just for you, depending on your general health, your age, your particular cancer and its growth.

More support

You are not alone. Legacy offers support throughout your cancer journey, as well as care for your emotional, social and spiritual needs. 

Our locations

Legacy offers surgery at its six medical centers across the metro area. Talk to your doctor about a location that is right for you.