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Eating well on your cancer journey

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The Role of Nutrition in Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis brings a lot of questions about nutrition and diet. Will I feel sick? Will I be able to eat normally? What should I eat to help my body fight cancer and heal? The food you eat during and after cancer treatment can play an important role in your recovery and beyond. A diet that is healthy for one person may not work for someone else. That is why nutrition counseling and/or classes play an essential part of cancer care for many people. The goal is to help you feel your best.

Eating well throughout your cancer journey may help you:

  • Feel better
  • Keep up your strength and energy
  • Maintain your weight and your body’s store of nutrients
  • Better tolerate treatment-related side effects
  • Lower your risk of infection
  • Heal and recover faster

Our oncology dietitians will help you find the answers, from what to eat when you don’t feel well, to tips for healthy cancer-fighting nutrition.

Nutrition at Legacy

Legacy offers Superfoods classes throughout the year to help you learn about the cancer fighting powers and health benefits of different food groups. These classes provide you with the latest science behind cancer and nutrition and offer practical information on how to use ‘superfoods’ in your everyday life.

Legacy offers individual nutrition consultation with one of our oncology-certified dietitians. This is an essential part of cancer care for many people that includes nutritional counseling and education for patients and their caregivers. Our dietitians work closely with your team of doctors to provide you with recommendations that are not only based on the latest nutrition research, but personalized to the specific type of cancer treatment you are receiving.

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For current class schedules, please visit Cancer Classes and Groups.

For questions or more information, contact our Oncology Dietitians:

  • Marci Reed, RD, CSO, LD
    Locations: Good Samaritan, Mount Hood

  • Maran Scott, RD, CSO, CD
    Locations: Good Samaritan, Salmon Creek