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Social Work Cancer

The Role of Social Workers in Cancer Care

Oncology Clinical Social Workers are licensed mental health professionals who can help remove barriers to care, provide emotional support, and links to internal and external resources. They assess individual needs, and help manage the emotional, financial and social impact of having cancer and living as a cancer survivor. Social workers also facilitate cancer support groups and educational programs.

Oncology Social Work at Legacy

Our Oncology Social Workers can:

  • Provide supportive, short-term counseling for helping you cope with your diagnosis of cancer and the many emotions you may be experiencing
  • Help you consider decisions about treatment options as you think about your work, family and other things in your life
  • Help you understand social security benefits, disability benefits, and insurance coverage
  • Connect you to community resources to address needs including: financial assistance, transportation, counseling, family and caregiver support
  • Coordinate care and advocate for you with medical and community providers
  • Assist with Advanced Care Planning discussions

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