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On the forefront of corneal transplants 

The cornea is the clear portion on the front of the eye that covers the iris, pupil and anterior chamber. The cornea, anterior chamber and lens function together to refract light, thereby allowing the eye to focus.

When the cornea is damaged from disease or trauma, images are not able to reach structures in the back of the eye, impairing vision. The cornea can be replaced with surgery called a “corneal transplant."

Surgery developed at Legacy Devers

Legacy Devers Eye Institute developed modern corneal transplant surgery in the United States with the first case performed in March 2000. Since that time, Legacy Devers surgeons have continued to develop corneal transplantation surgery so that, for most patients, only the diseased portion of the cornea is replaced, resulting in faster recovery, fewer complications and better visual results.

Worldwide leaders

Our physicians, James Sanchez, M.D., Michael D. Straiko, M.D., and Mark A. Terry, M.D., are recognized worldwide in the field of corneal surgery and specialize in an innovative technique.

The most common corneal disorders requiring transplantation are Fuchs dystrophy, corneal swelling, corneal scars and keratoconus. These can all be treated with modern “split thickness” transplant techniques. Drs. Straiko and Terry teach surgeons from around the world their split thickness techniques of DSAEK, DMEK and DALK transplant surgery.

When total corneal disease or scarring is present, our providers also have extensive experience with traditional full thickness transplantation of PK as well as modern K-Pro surgery.

For more information

For new patient scheduling, cornea and cataract surgery, please contact Christina Kelley at 503-413-6540 or Kaye Muffenbier at 503-413-6223.

For new patients planning a visit, please be prepared to provide a full medical history (medical diagnoses, allergies, surgical/social/family history and list of all medications). Bring your glasses or contacts to your appointment.

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