OHP 2020 Coverage


Information for Legacy patients with OHP coverage for 2020

What is changing with Medicaid/OHP coverage in the Portland-area?


You may have been sent a letter about your Oregon Health Plan (OHP) choice for next year. There are new OHP health plan choices for 2020 when a second CCO is added to the Portland metro area. Some people will be switched to this new CCO by the OHP. Your letter will say which CCO you are signed up with, but you can still make a choice.


What does it mean for you?


If you are signed up with a CCO other than Health Share, you can switch back to Health Share. You have from October 16 through November 17, 2019 to tell the OHP you want to switch back. If you can’t make the switch this fall, you will have a second chance from January 1 through March 31, 2020.

We want you to be able to keep seeing the doctors that you trust. If you are signed up with Health Share, you will still be able to see your Legacy doctor.


If you haven’t received a letter telling you which CCO you are signed up with by Oct. 23, you can call OHP to find out.


If you have questions about this, your clinic may be able help you.


For more about OHP or to get local help, visit ohp.oregon.gov or call 877-647-0027





Information for Legacy Health patients in Marion and Polk Counties with OHP coverage for 2020


Willamette Valley Community Health will close at the end of 2019. Pacific Source Community Solutions will become the only CCO for Marion and Polk Counties in 2020. Legacy Health doctors, clinics and hospitals are part of the network for the new PacificSource CCO.






Information for Legacy Health patients in Columbia County with OHP coverage for 2020


In 2020, Columbia Pacific CCO will continue to be the only CCO for Columbia County and Legacy Health doctors, clinics, and hospitals will continue to be part of their network.