More precision, quicker recovery

At Legacy Health, you may have the option of robotics-assisted technology, performed using a highly advanced robotic system called Mako.

Mako robotics-assisted knee and hip surgery

If you are ready to explore surgery, Legacy Total Joint Center’s specialized orthopedic surgeons are here to help, with coordinated care to get you back on track.

Robotics-assisted technology is performed using a highly advanced robotic system that is controlled by the surgeon. Because this procedure is much less invasive than traditional surgery, you will likely have a shorter hospital stay, faster healing time and a speedy return to your normal lifestyle.

Our surgeons and locations

Legacy Total Joint Center–Meridian Park 
Patrick Dawson, M.D., 503-743-6869
Jeffrey Feinblatt, M.D., 503-743-6730
Scott Grewe, M.D., 503-743-6755
Shane R. Hanzlik, M.D., 503-743-6730
Thomas McWeeney, M.D., 503-743-6730
Kevin Murphy, M.D., 503-743-6737
Christopher Nanson, M.D., 503-743-6755
Mark Wagner, M.D., 503-743-6755


Legacy Total Joint Center–Salmon Creek
Todd Borus, M.D. 360-842-0013
Casey Cornelius, D.O. 360-900-1147
Michael Fleischman, M.D. 360-900-1147

Oregonian first to receive robotics-assisted total knee replacement

Meet Jack. He was the first person in the state to receive a total knee replacement from a robot. See how Dr. Nanson used the assistance of a Mako robot to replace Jack’s knee with less pain and a shorter recovery time than standard procedures.

Navigating recovery from total knee replacement surgery

Having total joint replacement surgery is a life-changing experience. Being prepared for the surgery and rehabilitation process helps people better navigate the journey.

Watch a video about life after hip replacement

Before November of 2011, life for Mitch Stanley was "enormously painful." Walking was difficult, and he was up at night with joint pain. Now, after two partial knee replacements and two hip replacements using MAKOplasty technology, Mitch is back to doing the things he loves, pain free.

Diane - Netherlands

New knee replacement technique harnesses the precision of robots

The Columbian • Diane Buelt’s knees have been achy for as long as she can remember. Twenty years ago, she gave up running due to the joint pain from cartilage rubbing together. She underwent a procedure designed to slow down the deterioration, but it couldn't stop it from progressing.