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Transplantation Research

The objectives of the renal transplantation research program are closely tied to the clinical services of the Transplantation Center at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center. Recent advances in the knowledge of the synergy between transplantation and the body's immune system have made organ transplants an increasingly viable treatment for patients with organ failure.

The success rates for transplantation have improved greatly over the last twenty years, due in large to the advent of immunosuppressive drugs such as cyclosporine that help the body counteract rejection by accepting the donor's foreign cells. Ironically, these immunosuppressive agents can also induce serious side effects, particularly nephrotoxicity. The mechanisms of this serious clinical challenge remain unknown, and a goal of the research at Legacy is to reveal new insight into its pathogenesis and discover techniques to minimize its adverse effects.

William Bennett, MD, a nationally recognized kidney specialist, is the Medical Director of the Transplant Center and also leads the transplantation research team. Before coming to Legacy he was a Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at Oregon Health Sciences University.

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