Nursing Careers

Nursing at Legacy: special careers for special people

Nursing is a career like no other, with the chance to lift spirits and touch lives in an exciting and challenging atmosphere.

As one long-time Legacy nurse puts it: "As nurses we are given boundless 'make a difference' moments. We are vessels of care and compassion, touching hearts and renewing the healing spirit of others."

Legacy Health is the proud employer of more than 2,700 registered nurses. It's our goal to recruit and retain the best nurses possible, to "make a difference" with our patients every day. You bring us your caring and compassion; we'll provide the resources and support to allow you to do your best.

Nursing opportunities at Legacy

Registered nurses at Legacy work in a variety of areas—from clinics and phone triage to inpatient settings in acute and critical care. Nurses have opportunities to develop and use their skills in medical, post-surgical and critical care units, as well as specialty areas such as cardiology, transplant, burn care, trauma, emergency, operating room, women's services, pediatrics, rehabilitation, employee health, IV, wound care or hospice.

We believe Legacy is the preferred nursing employer in the Portland/Clark County metropolitan area. Here are some of the ways in which Legacy distinguishes itself from other nursing employers:

How we treat our employees

Support for new nurses and nurses who are new to Legacy

Support for advancing your career

Appropriate systems and equipment to support your practice