A Preferred Employer

We believe Legacy is the preferred nursing employer in the Portland/Clark County metropolitan area. One way Legacy distinguishes itself from other nursing employers is in how we treat our employees. Here are Just a few examples.

Open door policy

Nurses at Legacy aren't shy about speaking up on issues that affect patient care or their work environment. Legacy leaders, from managers all the way up to the CEO, want to hear from you, and all Legacy employees, when you have a concern. This ensures all voices are heard and good decisions and solutions are implemented. We regularly request employee input, both through formal surveys (Our Voice) and an open line of communication via our intranet (My Voice).

Shared governance

At Legacy, we have moved decision-making to the unit level where patient care happens. Nurses have a shared governance system with unit practice councils who oversee clinical quality, workflow and patient satisfaction issues. In addition, the Patient Care Management Forum has representation from each unit practice council, plus informal networks within each unit and between units. These forums empower nurses by giving them input on policy, scheduling, equipment purchases and medical protocols.

Fair and competitive pay

It's in Legacy's best interest to retain great performers. We review the pay of every employee group throughout each year and make adjustments if the market has surpassed our pay and provide equity adjustments for long-term nurses.

Varied practice opportunities

Our professional pathways offer nurses many and varied practice opportunities that enable you to broaden your nursing experience or to get a fresh, new rewarding care environment. One of our goals is to equip our nurses to become leaders and to enhance their skill mix as seasoned leaders. Many Legacy nurses have stepped into leadership roles because they took advantage of Legacy's tuition assistance program, nursing internships and fellowships and Legacy-sponsored continuing nursing education to earn advanced degrees, credentials and certifications and to learn the latest medical technologies. See Diverse Practice Opportunities and Professional Development for more information.